May: The Splunk Way to IT Operations Management

May: The Splunk Way to IT Operations Management
May 29, 2015 

Do you know Splunk can be used to simplify IT Operations? It's true many Government organizations are using Splunk to reduce mean-time-to-investigate (MTTI) and mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR), and proactively monitor key IT KPIs to detect anomalies and prevent problems in real time.

How can you leverage Splunk to simplify IT Operations? Attendees of this webcast heard at least 5 ways Splunk can be used to improve IT Operations:

1. Monitor Servers and Networks: Gain deep visibility into faults, events, capacity, configurations, and security of your server and network elements

2. Microsoft Infrastructure: Monitor, audit, secure, and analyze your Microsoft Windows IT infrastructures and workloads in one place

3. Virtualization Monitoring: Correlate virtualization data with any machine data generated from across the IT infrastructure 

4. Manage Messaging Systems: From tracing email messages and troubleshooting delivery problems, to managing compliance and analyzing spam and phishing attacks 

5. OS Monitoring: Gain operational insights into Unix, Linux, and Windows environments for visibility across heterogeneous environments to proactively prevent performance problems, capacity bottlenecks, unexpected events, and security risks 


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